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  • 330W high efficient follow spotlight
  • 330W high efficient follow spotlight
  • 330W high efficient follow spotlight
  • Specifications
    • Product Name:330W high efficient follow spotlight
    • Product NO.:FAMOUS-HRI330
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  • FAMOUS-HRI 330W high-efficient follow spotlight, modular design, exquisite appearance with the die-casting aluminum alloy housing. Simple operation, easy daily maintenance, together with the unique optical system, imaging through the second condenser lens which makes the light field more soft and uniform.The cooling system adopts advanced special convective design idea to make sure the fastest and most efficient heat dispersion. It is perfect for the theater, stage, wedding, club and any other occasions.

    • Voltage: AC100v~240v/50~60Hz

    • Lamp: 240v 330w HRI gas discharged bulb

    • C.C.T.: 7000k

    • Color decay: ±100k

    • C.R.I.: Ra>80

    • Color system: 6-color switch plate

    • Dimmer: Manual

    • Projection distance: 60m

    • Cooling: Powerful fan

    • Weight: 15kg  

    • Size: 831×359×464mm


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